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For Phyllis Bivins-Hudson, extreme poverty, hunger, and homelessness were just a part of growing up in 1960’s Virginia. Her mother could only afford to raise her on a part-time basis, passing Phyllis around to family members and friends while seeking whatever work was fitting for a woman with a sixth-grade education. Some of the impromptu foster homes were nicer than others, with indoor plumbing, three square meals a day, and nice, clean clothes for Phyllis to wear. But they didn’t quell the revulsions that constantly tormented her from childhood into young adulthood, like the unspeakable horrors of repeated sexual abuse and domestic violence.


While enduring the devastating traumas of poverty, abandonment, and abuse, Phyllis somehow found solace in her passionate love for education. School was her sanctuary, providing a relief that a life of pain and scarcity had stolen from her. The endearing words of her third-grade teacher implanted a seed of hope into Phyllis’s heart that grew with her, even through her stepfather’s savage beatings and an unexpected teen pregnancy. Phyllis was special, with a spirit too bold to be broken, and she was determined to carve out a path for herself that would lead her far away from the only life she’d ever known. Despite her traumatic beginnings, Phyllis’s hunger for education, coupled with a relentless resolve to escape, propelled her on a journey to freedom and unimaginable heights.

"Flying On Broken Wings
This is true! You will experience a range of emotions as you read all that this young girl endured. You won't want to put it down. But in the end you will realize that Phyllis is all the better for her trials. Dr. Phyllis Geneva Bivins-Hudson did an awesome job in writing this book! AWESOME!!!"



"You never know a person’s story or what they’ve been through until you open their book. Life can either be your teacher or tormentor, it’s up to the individual to choose. Phyllis showed and proved that she chose to be learn from all of life’s horrid experiences. She made the best of her experiences and rose above it all. I have gained so much respect for Phyllis from reading her story. She shows the vital role teachers play in a student’s life. I loved this book and would recommend. I am actually going to share with my cousin for her to learn that she is not alone in having had went through abandonment in her childhood because her story is similar to Phyllis."


"Dr. Bivins-Hudson has written an excellent, deeply honest book about a life that had such appalling beginnings along with a few happy moments here and there. I found it so moving that I had to pause reading from time to time and pick up the next day. It took major courage to reveal such ugliness in her life. However she has given so much of herself and her talents once her life became more balanced using her skill to bring support to others. She is blessed to have a loving and supportive husband. Her writing style is excellent. It just flows along carrying the reader with it. Congratulations Phyllis for a job well done."

Roberta Thaxton

"Flying on Broken Wings is an intimate work which details the life of Dr. Phyllis Bivins-Hudson and her journey through poverty, hunger, homelessness and abuse as a child. It shows the reader how her hard work, determination, and fortitude helped her rise above her circumstances and become the AMAZING and PHENOMENAL Woman/Educator that she is today. I truly enjoyed the book and didn't want to put it down...Very well written and an easy read!!! I highly recommend the book and feel that it can definitely serve as an inspiration for all who witness what turning tragedy into triumph looks like...Well done Dr. Phyl."

HCA Bennett

"Flying on Broken Wings by Dr. Phyllis Bivins-Hudson is a compelling memoir that will have you exploring an array of emotions. She shares with you the adversity she endured and the drive to overpower her misfortune by enveloping her education and the will to never give up. Dr. Phyllis Bivins-Hudson has proved to be sedulous and has continued to help others  by sharing Flying on Broken Wings. This book is a must read and will prove to be inspirational to those who peruse the pages. "


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