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A Book Tasting with Dr.Phyl

Flying on Broken Wings

Among the exciting features of your purchase of Flying on Broken Wings are the added value options. One such option is a Book Tasting, which is designed to give friends and book lovers an opportunity to come together and sample a few of the juicy parts or the funny parts or whichever parts of the book you and your group decide you would like to explore a little more.


Once a date has been scheduled for the tasting, based on your group’s needs and the author’s availability, here is some of what you can expect:


  • A predetermined number of autographed books with corresponding bookmarks

  • A pair of stemless wine glasses 

  • A fun and engaging literary activity packet

  • A highly-rated bottle of wine 

  • And more!


Here is some of what you can expect when you host/attend a Book Tasting for Flying on Broken Wings


  • A deeper understanding of Flying on Broken Wings and a unique opportunity to engage with friends, in person or virtually.

  • Chapter and character discussions and analysis, based on participant interests.    

  • Author excerpt readings and subsequent discussions.

  • A Book Tasting for Flying on Broken Wings allows each participant to experience distinct parts of the book in their own way.

  • For more information, download  the Flying on Broken Wings Brochure.

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