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The phrase "effecting change" is just one of many from the repertoire of education jargon educators use as a practice to achieve a result. But are those speaking about the phrase really effecting change or paying lip service? There are those brave educations who will always effect change. Unfortunately, there are far too many who effect change in a way that does damage to thousands of students. If teachers really want to effect positive change, here is a good list to start effecting real change in the classroom:

  1. Teachers must first provide a classroom that is conducive to learning, which also means having a good classroom management plan that promotes learning, acceptable behavior and other classroom expectations.

  2. Children, no matter the grade level, need to be celebrated for their achievements and accomplishments. This can also be a part of the classroom's reward system.

  3. Teachers need to learn about their students culturally and recognize that their own world doesn't cover the many cultural backgrounds brought to their classrooms by their students.

  4. Nto matter the circumstances, teachers must always be in role-model mode. This doesn't mean they cannot be playful at times, or engage in frivolity when appropriate, that kind of behavior just shows a teacher's humanity. Even during play, teachers can demonstrate the appropriate behavior of a role-model.

  5. Teachers must build community in the classroom and through that community, students and teachers will develop a rapport and a classroom where students will feel comfortable making mistakes, learning, sharing, and engaging in ways they may not have in other circumstances.

How do you effect change in your classroom?

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