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For those of you who feel like you haven't done enough to promote your projects because of COVID19, be encouraged. I did the unthinkable in the middle of the pandemic, and you can too. Flip your focus and think the way the rest of the virtual world is thinking. "How can I continue this important work in a virtual space?" Well, in 2020, that was my question. I had no intentions of writing, but because it is one of my loves, I decided that COVID was the ideal time to revisit a writing project I had begun in 2003. When COVID19 first became a thing, I thought it was just that--a thing. But like the rest of the world, we were all in for a very bumpy ride on a roller coaster that was being built right under us. Initially, I didn't feel panic because the COVID19 cases announced on the news were from seemingly far away places. Then things took a turn for the worst and before I could get my breath, I was counting the names of people I knew who had passed away with no good byes, no final conversations with loved ones, no closures. It was sad. I was sad. When the number of deaths of people I knew personally went beyond 20, I was traumatized. But like the Phoenix, out of the ashes something beautiful was discovered. Flying on Broken Wings was born and has since taken on a life of its own. While I had very little intentions of completing it when I did, COVID19 moments forced me to bring to fruition a work I had been gnawing on for too long. I sat on my patio for days and days from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, writing and only taking short breaks for food, drink and bathroom. Then it happened, on October 12, 2020, I launched my first book during a pandemic! I did what I could to share this important work in a new normal. I provided engagement around my book in several venues using the book chat format. I discussed some of the benefits of Flying on Broken Wings as a keynote speaker at Rutgers University. I created a Flying on Broken Wings ad for a major book selling event in New York. I spoke at women's groups. I had an opportunity to read excerpts from Flying on Broken Wings in a play for Women's History Month, and have presented and have had acceptance for two proposals to make presentations about my book at a national conference. So Flying on Broken Wings hasn't done too poorly during this pandemic. As we begin to slowly creep from under this massive cloud of uncertainty, I am planning a relaunch and looking for new ways to share, Flying on Broken Wings with the world. So be encouraged and of good cheer. Find your way in this new normal. Even when we "return" to order, there will still be some things out of order, so, pick up your head, change your mindset, and create your own normal rather than the one being sold to you.

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