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Thursday Sidebars with Dr. Phyl

I began Season One of my Thursday Sidebars in November of 2020 and they are still going strong. In fact, I believe they are doing quite well. We are in Season Two right now and some very interesting results from some of my commentary has happened. I did an episode on domestic violence and shared the domestic violence hotline. A day later, I received a text from someone I did not know who found my phone number (which wasn't difficult to do) and reached out to thank me and told me that she had called that number straightaway. She said what moved her to action was that I said it generally takes about 7 times for someone to really leave an abusive relationship. But with that I also emphasized that no one should wait until that 7th time because it might be too late and could cost him/her/them the only life they have. She said that was it. And so I am glad I was deliberate about covering that topic. If it has saved even one person then it was worth the effort put into it.

Until next time, keep flying on your own wings.

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