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I'm Glad Reading is Still Fundamental!

Because so many people have been reading my new book, Flying on Broken Wings (FOBW), I've decided that reading is still fundamental. Lol. I am excited that so many of you have illustrated that point by supporting my first book as a new authorpreneur. These last few weeks since FOBW was published have put me on an unexpected, unchartered course of events that have begun to change my life in ways I can only appreciate. I've learned new things about my self through the publishing of my book. I have spoken to numerous people who have experienced events similar to those in FOBW and I have been making some bold choices about the next steps for FOBW, namely, helping others step into their own truths. Hang in there with me as I share with you on a monthly basis some of the exciting changes taking place.

One item of excitement is my 10-minute or less Thursday Sidebar with Dr. Phyl at Phyl Talk Studio. There you can engage with me by listening to brief discussions about everything to do with FOBW. We are currently in Season 2, Episode 4 and introducing some of the myriad of themes found in the book. In fact, last night we discussed poor vs poverty. I left my audience with a question as to whether they thought the main character grew up being poor and in poverty or not, based on 11 factors determined by society, sociologists, or a combination of both. You too can be the judge by tuning in to the episode and either leaving me a response to the question here or on FB, which is where the episode can be found.

While I won't blog again until February, I invite all of you to continue or begin tuning in to my Thursday Sidebar with Dr. Phyl. They are archived on the site and can be retrieved by putting Thursday Sidebar and my name, Phyllis Bivins-Hudson in the search bar. They can also be found on my YouTube Channel at Dr. Phyllis Bivins-Hudson. You can follow me on Instagram @dktr_phyl and Twitter @pgbhudson. Of course you can always email me at

Until I'm blogging again, keep flying on your own wings…

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